About the Teacher

Jennie Kerrigan has been a committed practitioner of meditation in the Zen/satipatthãna tradition for more than 30 years. Her teacher of Sati was John Garrie Rōshi until his death in 1998. He gave her permission to teach in 1992. Since then she has also worked with Tanchū Terayama Sensei in Japan, and in retreat in the UK with Reb Anderson Rōshi.
She has also gratefully received teachings on retreat with Namgyal Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and studied texts from the Pali Canon with Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Stephen and Martine Batchelor and Akincano M Webber.
Jennie teaches with humour and compassion, the simple and direct path of mindfulness and insight meditation. The intention is to share, discuss and enable the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings in our everyday lives.
She expresses gratitude to her teachers and fellow wayfarers.