We all experience the unsatisfactory nature of a mind that frets about the future and regrets the past. Our reaction to this can lead to sleeplessness, low mood, anger, obsessive thoughts, and sometimes to mental illness.
Over 2500 years ago a man, who we now call the Buddha, vowed to find freedom from this suffering. Through great insight, determination, and training of the mind, he was able to fully free his mind from the shackles of craving, aversion and delusion.
The Buddha was likened to a great physician. He described the problem that afflicts us, and having fully understood the roots and causes of the problem, he prescribed and taught the way to overcome it. This way is called the Ennobling Eight Fold Path.
It is a simple path that is ethical, practical and open to everyone. It is not a religion, but a way of approaching life with compassion, generosity and kindness.
It invites us to live an engaged and ethical life through the cultivation of mindfulness and insight meditation, and to open our hearts to see things as they really are.
When practised it brings ease and alert relaxation, and the skill of being fully present.

When the Buddha was asked who he was, his response was: “I am awake”.