About the group

Lincoln Sati group is a small meditation group lead by Jennie Kerrigan. The group meets near to Lincoln for a whole day each month and one evening a month for teachings, the practice of satipatthãna (the ways of establishing mindfulness), and insight meditation. Small retreat weekends are also offered to practitioners during the year.
The group practises together with openness and respect. Members discuss and support one another in taking these teachings into everyday life for the benefit of all beings.
Members are initially offered introductory help from senior students in a small group and an individual session with Jennie, depending on the level of experience, to help with basic posture, exercise and understanding of Dhamma (Buddhist teachings).
The group is secular, open to anyone who has an interest and commitment to a path of awakening. You don’t need to become a Buddhist but it helps to have a sense of humour!

If you would like further information then please contact Jennie through this website.