and What are the Problems?

As we become more aware of mind and body we see how energy becomes blocked through tension and stress. As part of this practice we use some simple exercises that help us to relax, release blocked energy and to re-vitalise. They also help to focus the mind in the body through breathing and stretching.

We all have doubts about our practice at times. We can feel unsure and clumsy. We want to do well and have good energy but we keep noticing that the mind is getting distracted so we may try too hard and start pushing. Then we get dispirited or annoyed when it doesn’t go as we wish. Sometimes we have pride and try to repeat what we think was good and at other times feel lazy, want to give up and doubt that we will get anywhere with this training. Buddha described these hindrances 2500 years ago.

All of these thoughts and opinions, (the gap between how things are and how we want them to be), are just the attachment to a fixed idea of self getting in the way. With guidance, compassion and humour we begin to see things as they really are. Our mind becomes freer and we rest in a deep sense of ease, simply seeing phenomena arising and passing without attaching a self identity.

We can step out of the struggle to be someone and simply be, fully present. This freedom from craving, aversion and confusion brings peace, love and understanding.